LANTZ Bible Genealogy
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There are people in photos whom we would like you to help identify.  See photos and the family bible at the bottom of the page.

Sevillia Sevillia F        
Benjamin J. LANTZ LANTZ, Benjamin J. M 25 Sep 1865 Holmes County, Ohio 2 April 1948  
Mary Ann TROYER TROYER, Mary Ann F 21 Jan 1869 Shanesville, Ohio 28 June 1905  
Alice Josephine BOONE BOONE, Alice Josephine F 27 April 1857   27 Jan 1917  
Elmer Jay LANTZ LANTZ, Elmer Jay M 30 July 1890 Shanesville, Tuscarawas Co, Ohio  
Helen WATKINSON WATKINSON, Helen F        
Milton F. KING KING, Milton F. M        
Viola M. LANTZ LANTZ, Viola M. F 4 Feb 1892 Cedar Co, Missouri 17 Jun 1948  
Elva J. LANTZ LANTZ, Elva J. F 21 Aug 1893 Cedar Co, Missouri 30 Sep 1893  
Eva. B. LANTZ LANTZ, Eva. B. F 1 July 1895 Henry Co. Missouri    
Hanna Savilla LANTZ LANTZ, Hanna Savilla F 28 Dec 1897      
Alice Boone LANTZ LANTZ, Alice Boone F 28 April 1837      
L. D. TROYER TROYER, L. D. M        
Josiah HOSCHSTETLER            
W. M. SHUTT            
Anna LANTZ            
George ZAHNER see notes         Looks like he could be
George S. Zahner
b.26 OCT 1863 Ohio
d.12 MAR 1939 Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
Amanda KERCH see notes         Looks like she could be
Amanda J. Kerch
b.23 OCT 1867
d.21 MAY 1940 Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

Do you know who this is?  Is he wearing an upper torso cast?  We thought he was an athlete.. 

The back of the photos are stamped with Stix, Baer, and Fuller in St. Louis MO (Stix, Baer, and Fuller apparently

was a department store in the early 1900's per


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